It could be argued that the bathrooms are the most important spaces in your home. After all, they are used multiple times every single day, and are often your first destination in the morning and your last destination at night before heading off to bed. If you’re looking to complete a minor renovation or take on a full custom bathroom remodeling project, look no further than the expert team at 89 Carpentry and Paint to get the job done.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling

Have you ever stayed in a nice hotel and wished your bathroom at home looked and felt the same way? The right bathroom remodeling and design contractor like 89 Carpentry and Paint can skillfully lay out and install new bathroom flooring, modern bathroom vanities, or any other exciting element.

Three Key Elements

While needs and desires vary when remodeling your bathroom, there are three key pieces that have the greatest impact.

⇒    Toilet. Obviously, the toilet is a key component of any bathroom improvements. Whether you would like something modern such as a concealed cistern toilet, or a toilet that is placed behind a door within the bathroom for extra privacy, we’ll make it happen.

⇒    Shower. Who doesn’t love a great shower? While bathroom soaking tubs are fun and certainly worthwhile in their own right, it tends to be the shower that is used far more frequently. The shower is an integral part in bathroom upgrades that not only delivers wow factor but contributes to an overall improvement in functionality.

⇒    Vanity Unit. This is where you are going to stand when washing your hands, brushing your teeth, applying makeup—the list is endless. A beautifully crafted and expertly installed countertop basin is an instant upgrade to your vanity space—whether you’re doing a small bathroom remodel, a bathroom addition, or taking on the master en suite.

Making It Easy

One of the biggest hesitations for those considering a bathroom remodeling project is concern over the disruption of day-to-day life. At 89 Carpentry And Paint, we’re careful to respect your time and needs—doing our best to complete the work promptly while creating as little disturbance as possible.

We pride ourselves not only on our craftsmanship and efficiency but our clients’ complete satisfaction with their remodeling experience.

Ready to Get Started?

We provide professional custom bathroom remodeling at a reasonable cost–get in touch with 89 Carpentry and Paint today for a consultation on your project. Modern bathroom vanities and new bathroom flooring are just the start of what we can accomplish with our bathroom remodeling and design services.